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the barbershop tour

The voice of the African American male in Georgia is going largely unheard. BlackPush proposes a Barbershop Tour to address this need. The tour is an opportunity to communicate directly with African American males in Georgia. It is a vehicle for listening to their concerns and frustrations. A BlackPush team will visit barbershops across the state to offer free haircuts and facilitate conversations. A camera crew will document each stop. BlackPush will create a podcast that will air an episode based on each barbershop visit. BlackPush will also produce a documentary based on the entire tour.

Be part of the conversation

If you are passionate about being part of an engaging and thought-provoking conversation, we invite you to submit your information to join our upcoming tour filming a groundbreaking documentary. This is an opportunity to contribute your unique perspective and be part of a project that aims to shed light on important social issues.

We particularly encourage shop owners who are interested in showcasing their establishments as potential filming locations on the tour to state their interest in their submission. Your participation as a filming location can provide valuable insights into the community and its diverse experiences.

By submitting your information, you have the chance to be actively involved in this transformative documentary tour. Your voice matters, and we are eager to hear from individuals who are ready to make a meaningful impact.

To be considered, please submit your information using the form below, and let us know if you are a shop owner who would like to be considered as a filming location on the tour. We look forward to receiving your submission and potentially collaborating on this incredible journey.

Thanks for submitting!

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