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Shaun Smith

Founder, President, and CEO
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My Story

Shaun Smith is a passionate advocate committed to creating a lasting impact in the lives of individuals he encounters. Hailing from Fort Lauderdale, FL, he brings a deep-rooted dedication to addressing the pressing issue of gun violence. As an ordained Elder at First Iconium Baptist Church in SE, Atlanta GA, Mr. Smith merges his faith with his tireless efforts to promote safer communities.
From a young age, Shaun recognized the power of education and the arts in transforming lives. In his teenage years, he established his first nonprofit, providing violin lessons and academic tutoring to underprivileged children. By the remarkable age of 16, he not only managed his own summer camp but also received invitations to teach violin at multiple other camps.
Additionally, Mr. Smith's personal journey overcoming recidivism fuels his unwavering commitment to helping individuals successfully reintegrate into society. His triumph against all odds serves as a driving force to tirelessly advocate for a fairer justice system, ensuring everyone is afforded equal opportunities to succeed. Shaun's resolute belief in approaching issues from diverse perspectives shapes his approach to enacting meaningful change, regardless of the circumstances.
Shaun tirelessly builds bridges and forges connections with individuals, fostering dialogue and understanding even among those who may hold differing views. As a true leader, he exemplifies the qualities of empathy, compassion, and determination in his pursuit of a world free from the devastating effects of gun violence. On January 3, 2024, Shaun was unanimously elected to executive director of BlackPush Inc.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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