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Rehabilitation Ministry


Our ministry assists those who were previously incarcerated to reintegrate back into society. One of the hardest tasks for someone previously incarcerated is trying to figure out how to rebuild their life. And most of the time these men and women don’t have families to assist them when coming out. So, we assist them with everything from finding a job, resume, and interview prep, housing assistance, registering to vote, and many more resources to help them transition. Our goal in this program is to try and help them to become productive members of society.


On the issue of reintegrate back into society for formally incarcerated individuals, we know that without safety nets and resources men and women have slipped back into the prison system. It can be hard for someone to mesh back into a family and society that has learned to live without them. Many former inmates who are black find it harder than someone who is white to find a job and housing. The treatment they receive from others is also disproportionately harsher than that of their white counterparts. They face a certain stigma while they’re at their most vulnerable by trying to navigate a seemingly new world.


It’s important that in this day and age we aid those who are most vulnerable in society.

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