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“Your past was meant to educate you for your Future; not to define you for your Present”
- Shaun Smith


Since our founding in 2016, BlackPush Inc. has always worked to help to fight against recidivism and aid individuals transition from prison back into society . Since then, BlackPush Inc. has expanded to fighting gun violence, voter suppression and social injustices everywhere. We are dedicated to fighting for equality for everyone. This is reflected in our values and approaches to hitting the pavement. We attend rallies and peaceful protests that align with our vision for equality for all. At our core, we are a faith-centered organization that serves a God of second chances.

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Issues We're Passionate About

gun violence

Among BlackPush's efforts to curve Gun Violence we are partnering with different organizations, promoting laws that will help combat violence and working to ensure that the second amendment is protected but not at the cost of lives to the community.

Social Injustice

Our work with Social Injustice includes but is not limited to standing on the front line of issues plaguing the African American Community. This is our fighting cause as we grow to try and make our communities fairer.

Voter Suppression

Voter suppression is when a group or individual is denied the right to cast a ballot based upon their background or community in which they come from. Today in America the groups that are disproportionately targeted are minority communities, especially the African American community. Voting is the fundamental tool that makes America so great and gives the people the power to control our future.

Rehabilitation Ministry

Our rehabilitation ministry assists those who were previously incarcerated to reintegrate back into society. One of the hardest tasks for someone previously incarcerated is trying to figure out how to rebuild their life. And most of the time these men and women don’t have families to assist them when coming out.


We offer resources to aid individuals reintergrating back into society. Our goal is to make that transition as smooth as possible for them. Along with homeless people, former inmates are one of the more vulnerable populations in society.

Clergy Coalition

We are working on building a coalition of Pastors that are doing the work to help their communities. These Pastors and their churches are dedicating their time to giving much-needed support to their communities.

Speaking Across the Aisle

We work each week to bring a roundtable discussion to our YouTube channel. This initiative was started so that we could have an open dialogue around our seminars and current events. We also strive to have guests that can discuss their areas of expertise and how we can bridge the gap between the community and elected officials.


We work to push out an Op-Ed each week revolving around topics that matter most in our communities. Our pieces are meant to showcase the thoughts of our CEO from an unbiased perspective. Each piece is an even mix of his opinion and the facts that brought him to it.


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