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BlackPush Inc. works on Social Injustice, Voter Suppression, and Ex-Offender Rehabilitation. BlackPush Inc. was founded in September of 2016 with the mission of helping ex-offenders transition back into their communities. In the past years, we have helped over 100 people come out, find jobs, get rights restored, and even start their own businesses. Our role has expanded now to speak up on social injustices that are occurring every day, making sure that a person understands their rights, fighting for equality, and expansion of voting. We shall continue to fight hard and pray for those issues that are important to us and hope that you can join us on this journey.

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BlackPush Inc Justice for All

Our vision is to bring equality and aid to the most vulnerable populations. Those whose rights are being stripped daily are our priority. We want to shift the dynamics of legislation towards equality for ALL people of America.

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