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Op-Eds and Fair Justice Act

We work to push out an Op-Ed each week revolving around topics that matter most in our communities. Our pieces are meant to showcase the thoughts of our CEO from an unbiased perspective. Each piece is an even mix of his opinion and the facts that brought him to it.

Civil & Commercial Criminal Violations

Our Fair Justice Act Proposal is an attempt at making the Judicial System fairer. We want to make a long-lasting change that will positively impact all who pass through the courtroom. The change starts with allocating Funding for Ex-Offender Rehabilitation to prevent released offenders from feeling like they have no hope. We would also like this funding to operate in prisons and jails to give offenders the care that they need. The next step is to incorporate Bias Training on every level of the Judicial System. It's been found that many do not even realize the biases they hold on to. The next change we suggest is targeting Georgia's Peace Officer Standards and Training and County Liability for the officers they hire. Our fourth suggestion is regarding Courtroom Transparency and how important it's for American citizens to see how the court system works. Finally, we would like to change the Grand Jury Process to make it equal for ALL citizens.

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