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Reverend David L. Luke

Reverend David Luke is currently the servant pastor of Stone Springfield African Methodist Episcopal Church in Stapleton, GA. He is married to Mrs. Karen Luke and the father of David Jacob and Janis Annette Luke. Reverend Luke is the son of the late Bradley Luke and Lillie Luke.
Reverend David Luke began his undergraduate schooling at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies and continued to receive a Master of Divinity from St. Thomas Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida.
In the Fall of 2007, Reverend Luke was appointed pastor of Flipper Chapel AME Church in Milledgeville, GA. The Flipper Chapel AME Church under Luke’s pastoral leadership experienced a move of God that resulted in an increase in church membership and the construction of the Dennis Freeman Community Enrichment Center to support the many outreach ministries that were a blessing to the people of Baldwin and surrounding counties. Reverend Luke has established new ministries and commissions, many of which were distinctly designed to fit the needs of the community. Reverend Luke saw a need to provide assistance to the people in the church and the community in need of food, shelter, counsel and financial assistance. He worked with the members of Flipper Chapel to establish a Ministry to Help to cater to those in need. Reverend Luke being a strong anointed leader has enabled him to take congregations he has served to new and higher levels in God. Reverend Luke served that congregation for over ten years.
Pastor David Luke has shown himself to be very visible in the communities he has served. His spiritual and dynamic leadership style has been well received by the membership as well as the community. The fruit of his teaching is evident in the strong community outreach ministries that include; summer reading camps, community forums, health symposiums, daily prayer line, and Food/ Clothing Banks and other opportunities for “Sharing Christ and Meeting Needs of the people of God”.

He has served as the Chief advisor and campaign manager to many successful national and international campaigns. He is an advocate for the disenfranchise and those who find themselves in the trenches of a flawed and sometime unfair Social economic system. Luke is a concerned Clergyman; he works closely with state and local government to promote change and equality. He has served his community as leader of many organization such as a founding member of Baldwin county Communities and schools, Chairman of Chamber of commerce, Chairman of Advisory Board Georgia Youth Challenge Academy, Member of Ocmulgee District Family Treatment Court.
Reverend Luke serves as the Chaplain of Georgia Military College, where he serves our young military leaders of tomorrow.
In October of 2019, Bishop Reginald T. Jackson appointed Reverend David Luke to Stone Springfield AME Church in Stapleton, GA. Reverend Luke continues to move the church forward. He has established a presence in the Jefferson County community, increased Bible Study attendance and the number tithers at “The Stone.” This faithful servant of the Lord also exercises his leadership abilities by serving within the African Methodist Episcopal Church and the Jefferson County community
Reverend Luke humbly gives thanks and honor to God and His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all he is or ever hopes to be.

Reverend David L. Luke
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