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Nicole Horn

Nicole also has been deeply involved in her local community for decades; from leading her children’s school’s PTO to serving as a board member for a nonprofit fighting homelessness to working to improve public education in Georgia. When George W Bush won his second term, she made a commitment to move off of the sidelines and become more active in politics. That’s how she found herself in 2008, pregnant with her daughter, campaigning in South Carolina for then-Senator Obama during the primaries. Since then, she has phone banked, canvassed, and written postcards for national, state and local Democratic candidates. In 2016, she started an Indivisible chapter, named after her beloved Congressman, John Lewis.

Since 2002 Nicole worked with her husband Jon to build a successful small business that served dozens of non-profit universities across the country. The business helped non-traditional adult students complete their degree, gain a certificate, or a master’s degree. The company grew to be so successful it was bought in 2017, giving her more time to focus on local politics.

In 2021 Nicole ran to be Georgia’s next Labor Commissioner and made it to the primary runoff. Her role in the race helped raise the importance of childcare for working families, helping returning citizens find jobs, and ensuring all Georgians have equal job opportunities and an effective safety net when they need one.

Nicole Horn

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