Bishop Greg Fann

Growing up in Atlanta as a member of the West Hunter Street Baptist Church and having been led by civil rights icon Ralph Abernathy Sr., Greg Fann gained a bird’s eye view of the Civil Rights Movement and its connection to the struggles of organized labor. Greg learned firsthand about fighting for justice and equality. Following in the footsteps of his ministerial mentor, he became a preacher at age 21and was formally ordained in 1978. His accession to the pulpit and his apprenticeship under Abernathy was a natural progression into organized labor. He is currently the Pastor of Liberty International Door of Hope Ministries located at 1362 Metropolitan Parkway Atlanta, GA 30312 where he has been for the past 38 years.

Starting his radio career in the mid 80’s at WYZE-Radio, he was known to all as “Greg Fann the Preacher Man”. He signed on with Fulton County as a trash truck driver while also signing his first union card as a member of American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). As he rose through the ranks of county government, so did his involvement with AFSCME. In 1995, he was elected president of Local 3. With only 75 members, this was a union divided by blue collar/white collar workers. Greg’s highest priority was bringing order to the displaced organization. Under his leadership AFSCME Local 3 has grown from a small divided local union to an organization of Fulton County employees. Greg is currently serving as a member of the Fulton County Personnel Board.

During his time as President, Local 3 has protected the employee merit system, maintained the percentage employees pay on their health insurance and protected Fulton County employees from furloughs – thanks to his lobbying efforts, hard work, and dedication. Local 3 was able to pass a county ordinance that would give employees the rights to join and represent establishing a Labor Relations Department for Fulton County, for the first time ever, giving employees the opportunity to meet and confer over wages, benefits, working conditions, policies and procedures.

In 2000 Greg became a member of the Atlanta Labor Council Executive Board. He also serves on the Georgia AFL-CIO Executive Board. In 2001, he tossed his hat into the political arena and won! Elected to the East Point City Council, he served as the city’s Mayor Pro-Tem where he was able to create bargaining rights for “dues check off” for East Point employees. Greg was often known to say, “One of my duties as a public servant, as I see it, is taking care of the citizens of East Point and that includes city employees as well. That’s what we are supposed to do too.”

Elected Executive Director of AFSCME Local 3 in 2010, Greg began churning the wheels of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Fulton County government. During that same year he became President of Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU) Metro Atlanta Chapter.

Among his many accomplishments he secured the minimum wage increase of $15.00 for Fulton County Employees and $14.00 for DeKalb County Employees making. His work continues by negotiating with State and County officials in making Fulton & DeKalb County employees voices heard.

Greg has recently retired on June 15, 2018 but through all of his accomplishments we can still hear his words. “We must educate young people on the importance of being part of a union,” he affirms. “We must reach out and build coalitions with people of like issues.”

Bishop Greg Fann