Adeline Alexander

Adeline Alexander, is a dynamic personality and an outspoken advocate for moral and
cultural reform within the criminal justice system. For Adeline, this means: addressing
the needs of our children impacted by the system.

Licensed since 1996, Adeline has extensive trial and appellate experience handling
serious criminal offenses as both prosecutor and defense attorney.

In 2012, Adeline turned her attention to helping indigent children charged with
delinquent crimes in Georgia.

In 2016, working as a supervising defense attorney in Fulton County Juvenile Court, she
successfully fought the court administrator to right the court’s illegal detention of
children arrested for non-victim and insignificant offenses.

As a member of Governor Nathan Deal’s Steering Committee for Juvenile Detention
Alternative Initiative, she influenced Statewide policy and procedures regarding how
and when children are housed in detention facilities.

Later, in private practice, Adeline represented children who were charged with murder,
armed robbery and rape in the adult system pro bono while studying aspects of how
individuals make decisions and spirituality.

But it was her experience working as circuit public defender and as gang prosecutor
where she realized she could use her network and knowledge to bring help, life-changing
services, and programs to families involved in the criminal justice system. This work is
born out of her personal goal: to see an alternative to jail for at-risk and homeless

Understanding that the issues plaguing her community were largely cultural, governed
by spirit and influenced by trauma, Adeline’s work focuses on bridging mind, spirit, and
entrepreneurial programs and services with incarcerated persons and their families.

To say that children are her passion, is a slight understatement.
Adeline has worked with youth programs as a leader or a volunteer since she was sixteen
years old. She is co-founder of two 501C(3) non-profit, and serves on number of boards
who provide services directly to children. She holds as true the quote by Nelson Mandela
that “there can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats
its children.”

Adeline is an active public speaker and is frequently requested to serve as a panelist
addressing social justice issues, behavior and spirituality. She has appeared as a legal
expert on major media networks and will published the book “Manners: The Foundation
for Emotional Intelligence” Fall of 2022.

Adeline Alexander