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Speaking Across the Aisle

What is Voter Suppression?

Voter suppression is when a group or individual is denied the right to cast a ballot based upon their background or community in which they come from. Today in America the groups that are disproportionately targeted are minority communities, especially the African American community. Voting is the fundamental tool that makes America so great and gives the people the power to control our future.

Our organization works hard to fight voter suppression and to ensure everyone is given the right to vote. Through this program, we work diligently to try and assist with legislation to make sure that voting rights are extended and that access to the polls is easy and accessible to all. We also work with numerous organizations to assist with voter turnout and to help drive people to the polls.

Why Do We Fight Against It?

Legislation dictates our everyday life. That’s why we must participate in the voting process for the good of our communities.  It’s been found that in minority communities, fewer people turn out to vote.  Voting gives a voice to the unheard so that those who are in power feel an obligation to the people whom they serve. We especially see this in states where ex-offenders or felons are not restored their right to vote upon completion of their sentence. When a judge knows that by locking someone up they can silence them for years, then they feel no obligation to be fair in sentencing.  We at BlackPush believe this is fundamental in restoring a person’s dignity and giving them a sense of hope.  So we partner with different groups, non-profits, ministries, and activists to try and push this legislation forward.

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