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Social Injustice

     Our work with Social Injustice includes but is not limited to standing on the front line of issues plaguing the African American Community. This is our fighting cause as we grow to try and make our communities fairer.​

What is Social Justice?

     Social injustice is an encompassing phrase for the imbalance of power between individuals and society. This phrase includes the disparities in how the economy is distributed, access to healthcare and education, food insecurities, environmental hazards, discrimination and hate crimes based around Race and Gender, Police brutality, and general infringement on individual rights.

What is Social Justice?

     Our work starts with racism facing the African American community but it does not end there. We focus primarily on Racial Discrimination, Police Brutality, Mass Incarceration, and Criminal Justice Reform. We hope to expand into other areas in the future. We strive to bring equality to our community and close the gaps that lead to these injustices.

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